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In the News Again!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 11:27
Yesterday I appeared in The Temple News two times, in a print interview and as the featured media (video snippet)!
The video is only just over a minute which cracked me up because I spoke with Avory for over half an hour and even filled up a memory card. The printed interview with Keri Ann is also very truncated from our original conversation, but that's how things roll in the big time, folks

I am grateful for the opportunity to talk about my work, always. Thank you so much to Avory Brookins & Noe Garcia for the video interview, and to Keri Ann Raimo for the printed one! It was a pleasure speaking to each of you.

Print: http://temple-news.com/arts/naked-body-positive-image/
Video here: http://temple-news.com/multimedia/abandoned-self-portrait/