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White Pines Artist Exchange

Friday, October 25, 2013 - 08:15

"A whole new way to support the artists you love through local business"

I am honored to be one of the inaugural group of artists in this new venture from White Pines Productions, Inc. This is an opportunity to show support for my work while at the same time making a tax-free donation, supporting local business, and getting the chance to work personally with me as my way of thanking you!


From the website: "White Pines Productions, Inc. is thrilled to announce a brand-new initiative, in keeping with its mission to “explore new paradigms for making art and supporting artists”.  For artists, it's often a single item, or a rehearsal space, or a class, which can make it possible to take the next step. Sometimes, it's the boring and essential things we lack: childcare, physical therapy, new tires, postcards for PR. At the White Pines Exchange, artists name some of these essential items, and ask for help.

Think of it as an on-line gift exchange, but as opposed to Kickstarter, in which a thank-you gift is sent electronically or in the mail, the White Pines Exchange offers in-person, face-to-face expressions of gratitude from our artists. The artist you support may show up to sing at your event, paint with you, create a house concert, or teach you some new ways to stretch.

The White Pines Exchange celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of the artist by supporting local businesses. White Pines works with our sponsored artists to identify local businesses who can meet the need the artist expresses. Too often, artists and business people are seen as opposites. We affirm here that we share much in common: creativity, innovation and initiative. Our goal is success for our featured businesses as well as support for the artists we sponsor."


Please have a look at my artist page and consider donating towards one of my needs listed, and by all means have a look around the rest of the site to discover artists that may be new to you!